Cheshire Locks Project News - 2019

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2019 Working Parties (most recent first)
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Thursday 21st March 2019 - We made good progress and almost finished Lock 49, with just a few finishing touches needed. We also started Lock 50 painting the ladder hoops as well as several bollards.

Thursday 21st February 2019 - A lovely Spring-like day helped us make as good start on Halls Locks (lock 49) at Church Lawton. Most of the white metalwork was rubbed down and painted, with some of the black also done. Plenty left for next month though.
Lock 49 top with White paint done                         Lock 49 bottom with Railings done.
(Photos: John & Sandra Lawson)

Thursday 18th January 2019 - Despite a cold frosty start we managed to complete both Pierpoint Locks. On Lock 55 we finished off painting the metal paddle gear; the top gate hand-rail, walkway front plate and gate cap; the lock bridge rails; and the lock ladder. A large encroaching hawthorn hedge alongside the lock was cut back  Both bottom-gate brick quadrants were fully exposed and cleared of grass turf and weeds. On Lock 56 the balance beam on bottom gate was numbered and the strapping posts painted.
Lock 55 Before (tall hedge, unpainted ladder)  Lock 55 After (hedge cut back, ladder painted)
Hedging in progress                                           Ladder painted      
Lock Quadrant exposed                                     Lock 56 finished    
(Photos: John & Sandra Lawson)

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