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Auction - Maureen Shaw's Plates, etc.
28th March 2015 from
1pm to 3pm
  Middleport Pottery, Port Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 3PE
Tel: 01782 499766 )

NOTE - This page is all about the 70 items being auctioned that used to belong to Maureen Shaw.
The Trent and Mersey Canal Society is NOT selling these items, NOR receiving any money.
However we wanted to advertise these items to the widest possible audience of Maureen's old friends.

The Auction went well with plenty of bids. Final sale price below each item for interest.

Many people will still fondly remember Maureen as they pass through Wardle Lock in Middlewich, whether they knew her or not. There is a memorial interpretation board by the towpath for us all to refer to as we pass by. Most of Maureen’s possessions have been redistributed or kept in the family. The last items are mainly her plates plus a few other decorative items and it was thought that some of her friends and acquaintances from the waterways might like to have something of their own to remember her by. To this end an auction has been arranged and it will take place on what would have been Maureen’s birthday in 2015.

Middleport pottery has recently benefited from restoration through the Prince’s Trust and was reopened on 1st July 2014. It offers guided tours, pottery sales and a canalside café serving beverages, snacks and meals. Maureen liked her food and would have been in her element here, in more ways than one. It was felt to be a fitting location for the auction as it in the heart of the Staffordshire Potteries by the Trent and Mersey Canal, which was one of the many waterways that Maureen travelled when she was growing up and after she married.

There are 70 lots in the auction, the sale will be cash only to avoid additional administration. It is hoped that this will be an occasion when many like-minded people come together and renew old friendships, recall old times and remember the old boaters who have shared their experiences with us.

If you have any questions contact Gillian Watson

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You can gauge the relative size of each item by the fact that the numbers (in front of each item) are all the same size.

Sold for £3                                Sold for £1                             Sold for £3                                 Sold for £5.50    
Lot-01 Ribbon Plate                  Lot-02 Lace Plate                    Lot-03 Floral Lace Plate           Lot-04 Floral Lace Plate         
(Schumann Bavaria)                 (Schumann Bavaria)               (No makers markings)              (No makers markings)
                                                  [Note marked Chip]

Sold for £6                                Sold for £8                             Sold for £3                                 Sold for £5.50         
Lot-05 Pair Hand Painted         Lot-06 Shamrock Plate           Lot-07 Welsh Tea Party            Lot-08 Red Ribbon Floral
Plates                                       with Green Ribbon                  Plate                                          Plate (Decorated by
(No makers markings)              (No makers markings)            (No makers markings)               Fenton China, Staffs)

Sold for £8.50                           Sold for £5.50                          Sold for £3                             Sold for £6
Lot-09 Green Ribbon Floral      Lot-10 Lilac Ribbon Floral       Lot-11 Pink Ribbon Floral      Lot-12 Narcissus Lace
Plate (Decorated by                  Plate (Decorated by                Plate (Decorated by               Plate (AJL Giftware S-o-T)
Fenton China, Staffs)                Fenton China, Staffs)              Fenton China, Staffs)

Sold for £1 / Sold for £1           Sold for £1 / Broken                 Sold for £5                              Sold for £5
Lot-13 Small Yellow Ribbon    Lot-15 Small Red Ribbon         Lot-17 Heart-Shaped Plate      Lot-18 Pale Blue Ribbon
Plate. Lot-14 Small Yellow      Plate (JR Turner, Runcorn)      with Heart-Shaped Piercings    Floral Plate (JR Turner,
Ribbon Plate                           Lot-16 Small Green Ribbon P.                                                   Runcorn)

Sold for £1                               Sold for £2                               Sold for £5                              Sold for £5
Lot-19 Pier Hill Southend        Lot-20 Pair of Cute Children    Lot-21 Wolverhampton           Lot-22 Wolverhampton
on Sea (Thuringia)                  Ribbon Plates                          Boat Club Green Ribbon         Boat Club Yellow Ribbon
                                                (Bone China England)             (England)                                (England)

Sold for £5.50                          Sold for £5                                Sold for £3                               Sold for £2
Lot-23 Anderton Lift Plate       Lot-24 Small Anderton Lift        Lot-25 AWCC 2000 Anderton  Lot-26 AWCC 2000 Anderton
(England)                                Plate Number 64 (England)      Lift Plate Limited Edition           Lift Plate Limited Ed + Box
                                                                                                 (JR Turner,Runcorn)                 (JR Turner,  Runcorn)

Sold for £2                                 No Bid                                       Sold for £22
Lot-27 IWA Campaign Cruise    Lot-28 Douglas Valley              Lot-29 (2 photos) Jug - Rosedown Plantation, Louisiana
Merseyside & West Lancs.        Cruising Club 2000                   (Ironstone Ware, Weatherby, Staffordshire)
2000 (Painted by Ellen Levin)    (Painted by Ellen Levin)

Sold for £3                                 Sold for £3.50                           Sold for £5.50                        Sold for £10.50
Lot-30 Mug - Prince Charles     Lot-31 Mug - Stoke Bruerne     Lot-32 Mug - Llangollen         Lot-33 (2 photos) Mug - RHM
& Lady Diana Wedding             (St George Fine Bone China)   Canal Lift Bridge  (St             Tuesday Club 1984-2000
(Royal Grafton)                                                                           George Fine Bone China)     Middlewich (Royal Burlington)

                                                   Sold for £9                               Withdrawn before Auction         Sold for £6
Lot-33 [2nd photo - Back]          Lot-34 Gravy Boat - Myots       Lot-35 Bon-Bon Dish -               Lot-36 Dish - Cottage
                                                  Country Life (Staffordshire       English Garden Elizabethan      Garden (Aynsley)
                                                  Ware)                                       (Staffordshire)

Sold for £3                                 Sold for £2                               Sold for £3.50                            Sold for £32
Lot-37 Pepper Pot                     Lot-38 Jug - Gold and White    Lot-39 2 Cups and Saucers      Lot-40 Measham Teapot
Pansy (Made in England)          Old Castle                                (Spode's Italian Copeland)        Home Sweet Home
                                                  (Made in England)                    [Note:1 Cup missing Handle]    (No makers markings)

Sold for £1                               No Bid                                    Sold for £1                                No Bid
Lot-41Springfield Mass USA   Lot-42 Small Blue Ribbon      Lot-43 Small Pink Ribbon         Lot-44 Medium Yellow Ribbon
Small Lace Plate (Germany)   Cyprus Lace Plate                 Cyprus Lace Plate                     Cyprus Lace Plate 
[Note marked Chip]

Sold for £1                                 Sold for £5                                 Sold for £2.50                          Sold for £4
Lot-45 British Columbia             Lot-46 Falkland Islands             Lot-47 Small Green Lace         Lot-48 Medium Green Lace
Plate (Royal Winton)                  Plate (Wedgwood)                    Plate (Vestel, Portugal 1463)   Plate (Vestel, Portugal 59)

Sold for £1                                Sold for £2                                Sold for £2                                 Sold for £1
Lot-49 Floral Plate                    Lot-50 Medium Lace Plate       Lot-51 Floral Plate                     Lot-52 Floral Plate
(Portugal 252)                           (?Portugal? 56)                        (?Portugal?)                               (Poland)

Sold for £4                                 Sold for £2                                Sold for £2.50                            Sold for £2
Lot-53 6 Small + 1 Medium       Lot-54 Large Blue/Gold Rim     Lot-55 Large Blue/Gold Rim      Lot-56 Large Blue/Gold Rim
Lustre Fruit Gold Rim Plates     Floral Centre Plate                    Floral Centre Plate                    Floral Centre Plate
(H&C SELB Bavaria Heinrich)   (Czech, Carlsbad Cobalt 20)    (Czech, MZ Cobalt 22)              (Czech Cobalt)

Sold for £2                                 Sold for £8.50                           Sold for £13                               Sold for £7.50
Lot-57 Large Blue/Gold Rim      Lot-58 2 Lge Burgundy/Gold    Lot-59 Jack & Maureen 40th     Lot-60 3 Small Picture Plates
Floral Centre P. (Weatherby      Floral Centre P. (Weatherby    Wedding Anniversary Plate       Pontcysllte, Gt Haywood,
Royal Falcon S-o-T 1991)          Royal Falcon S-o-T 1991)       (England)                                   Bingley (Simpsons, England)

Sold for £5                                 Sold for £1.50                         No Bid                                  Sold for £5
Lot-61 WW2 Commemorative   Lot-62 Medium Lustre Plate   Lot-63 Floral Plate                Lot-64 Picture - Barbridge
Plate 1945-2005 with Box         (Claytondale, England)           (Simpsons, England)            Print 108 of 500
(Wedgwood for Daily Mail)                                                        [Note marked Chip]              (Tony Birks 1988)

Sold for £2                    Sold for £2                                Sold for £1                              Sold for £2.50
Lot-65 Brass/Leather    Lot-66 Horse Brass -                Lot-67 Horse Brass -              Lot-68 Horse Brass -
Horse Brass Strap        Middlewich 2003                       Thistle/Rose/Shamrock          Grand Union Canal

Sold for £2                                 Sold for £7
Lot-69 3 Small Brass Plates      Lot-70 3 Glass/Gold
                                                  Ornaments: Cat, Rabbit, Crab
                                                  (Murano Glass, Italy)

NOTE - This page is all about the 70 items being auctioned that used to belong to Maureen Shaw.
The Trent and Mersey Canal Society is NOT selling these items, NOR receiving any money.
However we wanted to advertise these items to the widest possible audience of Maureen's old friends.